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Coverock R110

Coverock R110 product features a higher density than many other types of insulation materials. The increased density of the Coverock R110 product provides additional benefits, such as improved soundproofing and enhanced fire resistance. This makes it an excellent choice for use in External Wall Insulation (EWI) systems, where it can provide superior thermal insulation. Once installed, Coverock R110 is well-suited to receive both hand-applied and machine-applied, mesh-reinforced render systems.

In addition to its EWI applications, Coverock R110 can also be used for internal and external insulation of buildings, providing effective protection against heat loss, noise pollution, and fire. Notably, this product is classified as an A1 non-combustible material, which makes it a safe and reliable choice for a range of building insulation needs.

Product features



External and partition walls insulated by External Thermal Insulation Composite Systems (ETICS)

External monolithic, prefabricated and brick walls

Floors above garages, passages and basements

Fire insulation of attics (reaction to fire classification A1)

(with White windproof lining)

(with black windproof lining)


Lambda thermal conductivity coefficient λD


Product code:

MW-EN13162-T5-DS(70.90)-CS(10)30-TR10-WS-WL(P)-MU1 (20mm-49mm) MW-EN13162-T5-DS(70.90)-CS(10)30-TR15-WS-WL(P)-MU1 (50mm-99mm) MW-EN13162-T5-DS(70.90)-CS(10)40-TR15-WS-WL(P)-MU1 (100mm-190mm)

Compliance :

PL-EN 13162+A1:2015-04


110 kg / m3

Reaction to fire

A1 Euroclass(PN-EN 13501-1:2019-02 )

Compressive stress at 10% relative deformation

30 kPa (d = 20-49 mm)
30 kPa (d = 50-99 mm)
40 kPa (d = 100-190 mm)

Tensile strength perpendicular to the faces

≥ 10 kPa (d = 20-49 mm)
≥ 15 kPa (d = 50-99 mm)
≥ 15 kPa (d = 100-190 mm)

Available thicknesses in mm

20-190 mm

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