Rainscreen cladding & Throughwall application


Coverock-V is our flagship product – a type of stone mineral wool designed for internal and external thermal, acoustic, and fire insulation in buildings. It is a non-combustible material that provides reliable protection against heat loss, noise pollution, and fire hazards.

Specifically tailored for the rainscreen cladding market, Coverock-V features a black glass veil that helps to create a more subtle surface appearance when the insulation is visible through gaps in the cladding system. Additionally, the veil helps to increase windproof resistance at the face, providing enhanced durability and protection against the elements. Coverock-V is classified as an A1 non-combustible material, making it a safe and dependable choice for a wide range of insulation needs.

Product features



Exterior walls with light-dry thermal insulation made of panels (e.g. metal sheets, wood cladding, siding, cement or composite cladding)
Exterior and interior stud walls (wood and metal framework)
Exterior walls with stone or glass cladding
curtain walls
cavity walls
hollow foundation walls
dropped ceilings

(with White windproof lining)

(with black windproof lining)


Product code:

COVEROCK V MW-EN13162-T5-DS(70.90)-CS(10)10-TR5-WS-WL(P)-MU1​

Certificate or “product code” complies with:



PL-EN 13162:2012+A1:2015

Product standard:

Norma: EN 13162:2012+A1:2015

Reaction to fire:

A1 Euroclass ( PN-EN 13501-1:2019-02 )

Declared thermal conductivity coefficient:

λD = 0,035 W/m· K

Class of thickness tolerance:

Short water absorption:

WS ≤ 1,0 [kg/m2]

Compressive stress at 10 % deformation:

CS ≥ 10[kPa]

Tensile strength perpendicular to faces:

TR ≥ 5m [kPa]

Available ticknesses in mm :

60-250 mm

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